HeAR it from our members...

"I wouldn't even be working out right now if Kinetic Performance wasn't around. I tried but gave up on my own. Pat and Jenn are patient and kind but also tough when they need to be. The perfect combo for keeping us motivated and coming back!"


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"Dude...Pat has pulled me through my last 4 surgeries. You have an idea how much it means to all of us when he doesn't give up on us?! Plus he doesn't allow us to give up on ourselves? That's huge - MASSIVE!!!"



"Lifestyle changes aren't easy but Kinetic Performance has believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. The coaches push me out of my comfort zone and every week I am amazed at what I am able to accomplish." 


"Coach Hoiler’s personal training helped me become a much stronger and faster athlete.  Whether it was lifting to build muscle, agility training for speed, or cardio for endurance; they all made me a better athlete overall, and even prepared me for collegiate competition.

His methods inspire you to work hard, and he motivates you to "want" to achieve your goals. Coach Hoiler knows exactly what works best for each of us and creates the

ultimate program to make you successful!"

SARA C. - Roanoke College Women's Soccer