Kinetic Performance believes in moving and moving well, and to accomplish that you need to be strong! Our definition of "strong" is a little different than most. When we are strong we move better, have more energy, enjoy quality sleep, and reduce the levels of physical and mental stress. To become strong, KP needs to know “what’s your why?”. Whether you are a stay at home parent, 9-5 desk jockey, athlete or just enjoy fitness, all of our days require energy and movement to not only be strong, but KP STRONG!


KP believes in promoting an environment built on communication and diligence, that welcomes you as a member of our COMMUNITY. We want you to succeed; therefore, we will utilize information from our consultation and success session, combined with your goals, to generate a program ideal for you. We will customize that QUALITY program to help you move better, get stronger, and improve your energy level.


Here at Kinetic Performance we understand life happens; and it is our objective to keep you motivated while working in conjunction with your lifestyle. Just as we all are different, your program and training style will be specific to you. Our role as coaches is to guide you through your program with the knowledge and awareness of proper technique and movements, to build your strength in an appropriate routine.


And finally, our primary focus is for you to reach your goal as it corresponds with our philosophy. Always working in a professional manner based on INTEGRITY: to minimize your risk for injury outside our facility; build a comfortable, trusting relationship; and generate a purposeful experience with us. Kinetic Performance is dedicated to working with YOU to achieve YOUR goals!

KP is about:

  • PROVIDING a safe and welcoming environment for you to improve your fitness.

  • BUILDING competence and confidence to encourage all members to live healthy lifestyles.

  • CREATING a community within Kinetic Performance by teaching members to own their strength with our support.

  • IMPROVING your overall feeling.

  • REACHING your goals; striving for new ones; REPEAT...

  • VALUING yourself as much as we value you!

I look forward to my workout days and have seen incredible changes in my strength, flexibility, energy levels, and overall fitness.


Everyday fun activities, hobbies and routine tasks are easier after Patrick helped me kick start my workout program 2 months ago. Strength means independence to me. I don't need to rely on others like the grocery store clerk who asked, "Ma'am can I help you out to your car with the groceries?" No, I got this! At 59 yrs old, I'm stronger AND more flexible than any of my friends younger or older. I can easily put a 25lb suitcase in the overhead bin, transport a case of water, load/unload groceries, and move patio furniture or carry potting soil to the garden. More importantly I can now help others who can't help themselves!