RALLy Classes

Time is valuable...so are YOU...make it count!

Whether you have a hectic daily schedule or tons of free time our small-group strength and SHRED classes are for everybody! In under an hour we will make each moment count towards making you feel better and stronger. We focus on teaching you proper form and technique, as you focus on reaching your goals. Classes are led by one coach who guides you through a common program,

as we celebrate each other's successes! 

How to get started:


Drop us an email or give us a call to schedule your first visit, and receive a FREE consultation and success session.


After your success session and learning of the fundamentals of movement you will be ready to join your first class!


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        4-month Membership      or        12-month Membership
2x's/wk:           $179.00/mth                                        $129.00/mth
UNLIMITED:        $249.00/mth                                                   $189.00/mth

On my most recent 8-hr drive to Myrtle Beach (which I make about a half dozen times a year), this is the first time that I had no lower back pain/sciatic nerve pain, forcing me to make an extra stop. I have only been training with Patrick at KP for a month to gain core strength and fitness and can already tell a difference! The coaches are so committed and inspirational. They care, and take the time to make sure you are using correct form no matter how long it takes. I can honestly say for the first time since I can remember I actually look forward to exercise and working out 🏋 😊