Semi-private training

Semi-private training is the perfect combination of receiving personal training with some independence, AND maybe a "buddy" or two giving you a high-five along the way! Whether you are a young athlete or a stay-at-home mom , we will developed a program specifically for you! After meeting 1-on-1 with our head coach to receive your complete movement assessment and determine your goals, you will receive your customized program. Based on a 4-week cycle to promote progress in a safe manner, and under the guidance of our coaches, all workouts are designed to maximize your time in one hour!

How to get started:


Send us an email or give us a call to schedule your first visit with one of our coaches.


Complete a full functional movement screening, review the results, set your goals, and learn the fundamentals of movement.


Show up for day 1 of your program and start moving, feeling better, and getting stronger. 

        4-month Membership      or      12-month Membership
2x's/wk:             $289.00/mth                                     $215.00/mth
3x's/wk:                 $375.00/mth                                                 $320.00/mth

When I first started, I could not do a lunge without holding onto a bar with only body weight. Now, I can do lunges with no bar, while holding a kettle bell. I am stronger, more flexible, and my cardio has improved. My program is tailored towards me and my needs and goals. If you're looking to make a change, and need help going in the right direction, Pat Hoiler and Kinetic Performance.